Lanxi Ruan

Filmmaker | Photographer


A series that combines staged photography and archival photos, telling a bittersweet story of two girls and their shared childhood. The story, told many years later from the first-person perspective of the character “I,” reveals the secret between them during those long, heated summer nights.

“Recalling memories has always been a recurring theme in my photography and film work, perhaps it has something to do with my state of being abroad for years. In this particular project, I sought to depict the intimate secrets shared exclusively between girls and delve into the nostalgic essence that arises when one confronts their memories and experiences the farewell. It definately reflects my own emotional journey, as I believe that each of us has had a Julie in our own lives.”

The series was shot back in 2021, together with my beloved Flora and Paula as “Julie” and “I.” The print of cherry blossoms on lined paper is a heartfelt present made by my talented Feli.

Lanxi, June 2023, Berlin.